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Sundays are fast becoming one of the biggest viewing days of the week here @ The Scoop. I don’t know if it is all literary agents scouting new talent or just the fact that there are a lot of very good writers out there
and you enjoy discovering them for the first time as much as I do. The writers
are putting themselves out there to the masses hoping that their hard work and
talent get recognized and consumed. I personally get a lot of satisfaction from
digging a little deeper and finding novels like the ones I have put before you
the last few weeks. It makes the search and hunt that much more enjoyable.
Let‘s get into today’s novel shall we?

Ponzied is the third novel in the Wayne Davis series. Before you say anything, this is a detective novel, nothing like Wall Street, or anything about that. There is a Ponzi
scheme as the central point, but the main thrust of the novel is Wayne Davis,
his partner Rhino, and his professional gambler wife, Ruby. Here is a little
something about the novel from the back cover:”There is a Ponzi scam taking
place in Las Vegas with tragic international consequences if not stopped. Wayne
Davis, a private detective in Amarillo, is lured to Las Vegas by a “friend” to
help him out of a nasty mess. Little does he know that he is being drawn into a
Ponzi scheme that has a terrorist connection. Time is not on his side, as he
and his partner, Rhino, delve head first into something much more than they
bargained for.”

If you have read any of my past posts, ( If you haven’t and have some time why not go through the archives and read as many as you wish), you have come to understand I enjoy the character driven stories as long as the
action and dialogue are fun and enjoyable. Marvin Lindberg delivers on all
that. I like Las Vegas as the backdrop and thought the characters did too; they
meshed well with it. There was no fish out of water here. The action was good,
the suspense built to a nice level and Lindberg kept my attention the entire
read. I am satisfied and happy I got the opportunity to enjoy this novel.

Here is The Scoop on his two other Wayne Davis novels:

The Cutting Edge-A country music performer is trying to make it to Nashville. His van with all the equipment is stolen, and he sets out to get it back. He meets up with Wayne Davis, a no-holds barred cowboy, former cop.

Saving Vegas- A Border Patrol agent is killed near the Mexican border, and he sets out to investigate his death, only to discover a terrorist plot.

The covers for the novels are right here for you so order away and support a risk taker, someone that has a voice that is waiting to be heard and enjoyed. Wayne Davis is a good character to hang onto and spend some
time with. If have already read any of the series, which novel is your
favorite? Who is your favorite character?

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