Self-Published Sunday Guest Post Thomas White author of Justice Rules

Electronic Submissions Not Accepted
by Thomas White

As I was searching for a literary agent last year I found that an inordinate amount of agents will still not accept an electronic
submission. In 2010, I found that to be odd. Frustrated with printing
and shipping costs I quickly decided that if an agent will not accept
modern technology then I was not interested in them representing me. One
of the results of this proclamation was the realization that agents
should be working for me, not the other way around. If I was going to
deal with an agent then I would deal with one who understood the changes
in the way things are being done in the 21st century. Shortly after, I
did find an agent and we do have an electronic relationship so not all
of them are afraid.
The unwillingness to deal with electronic submissions is what astounds me. I certainly understand the volumes of material that is submitted
each year and that the ease of electronic submission only encourages
those who are not ready for submission, but to totally ignore the medium
is silly. To me, it is the same mentality that originally rejected cell
phones, then rejected e-mail and now will not text or read a book on a
Kindle. Eventually, they will all come around. I am quite certain that
with the advent of the electric light someone lamented the loss of the
"cozy smell of the burning candle as I read." Why not recognize the
reality of our world and join us? You can fight it but you will surely
lose. It's just a book submission and it is a lot easier to hit delete
than to recycle. If an author is convinced that they have written the
next great American novel making them print it out and mail it will not
be a deterrent, it will only use paper resources that should, by all
right, be conserved.
I have run into a similar mentality with e-books. Many people I have spoken with will not use a Kindle or electronic reader. They enjoy the
comfort of holding a book in their hands and turning the page. Okay, I
get that. But to turn your nose up at the alternative with stubborn
indignation is silly. I had a potential reviewer of my ebook tell me
that he will never own a Kindle or anything like it. He went on to say
that his greatest pleasure is to travel with" a few good books in his
suitcase". The image of him lugging a 49.5 lb. suitcase through an
airport made me smile. I responded and hoped that one day he would be
able to travel with hundreds of good books in his 1 lb. Kindle.
Technology has changed us and how we lived from 10 years ago to today,
heck, from 6 months ago to today. Eventually, we all adjust and respond
to the changes. The adage , "If it was good enough for my father, it's
good enough for me." is as antiquated as the mentality behind it. Our
fathers never conceived of the technology that we take for granted. More
than likely those "few good books" were written in electronic form and
by printing them onto a piece of paper does not magically transform them
into works of art. They are the same words that are now just filling a
page of parchment. The ideas and emotions behind those words are
unaltered. If a book is in electronic form it does not become less
intriguing, less exciting or less moving.
So open up your minds and accept the inevitable. It's not evil, it's just a novel in a format that allows you to adjust the size of the font. How
wonderful is that?

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