Self-Published Sunday Tony Bertot The Birth of an Assassin

Hits, Hits, Hits. We are picking up a lot these on Sunday now and I wonder why. Is it that readers are looking for good novels to read? Possibly it is the snazzy title I came up with? It is catchy. I learned
something new this week in the fact that one of my favorite authors, Vince
Flynn, he of the Mitch Rapp series of novels , self–published himself back in
the day after getting 60 rejection letters. That means that there are 60
geniuses out there I didn’t know about either. I wonder how many of them are
still employed in that same position. There is plenty of quality work out there
that these so called experts and geniuses haven’t found yet, and I am going to
do my best to put them in front of you each week.

Here is the description of today’s novel straight from the author: “It is a book filled with suspense and intrigue as the pages unfold the life of an innocent child, who is transposed to that of a cold hearted
assassin. This prequel to my first book, the Heart of An Assassin, delves into the psyche of a young child
thrust into circumstances that would lead to the ultimate stolen life of his
father, the savage murder of his mother and the need to avenge these events. It
is the beginning of how it all started.”

I have not yet read the first novel in the trilogy; this is my first novel with Tony Bertot’s character Theo Gresco. I found the entire novel interesting and moving. The time frame this novel covers is probably the
first third of a normal person’s life. He goes from childhood to Theo serving
our Country, to having a wife and child. The reason why I make the distinction
of a normal person’s life is that Theo Gresco is anything but a normal person.
The third novel in the series that he is working on now is titled-The Legacy of the Assassin. I have no
idea if he kills him off or not so I really can’t say if Theo is getting a
crack at social security, if you know what I mean.

I think that having read the description of the novel you can see that there is a multitude of emotions in this installment of Gresco’s life. The novel has plenty of action, good character development, and a
comprehensive accounting of the telltale events in this young man’s life.
Bertot leaves very few questions unanswered as to why he is what he has become.
He fully answers: How has he arrived at his choices? Why has he chosen this
path? The real meat and potatoes of this character and those in his microcosm
are fleshed out, snuffed out, and moved along. Here is a link for you to check
out things about the author and a little more:

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