Self-Publishing: Promoting Yourself - Part 3

A big part of self-publishing is getting out there and becoming involved, and there are so many ways to do that, but I wanted to list several sites that allow you to interact and get to know your readers. I've already covered some of the sites you should sign up with, but I wanted to focus on writer forums.

If you have an eBook on Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, and chances are you do - you really should pop into their boards and take part. I will say that I see the same people over and over but these are passionate people, let me tell you, and you want them in your corner promoting your book for you. It doesn't take long to choose a few threads and write a little ditty, and I suggest doing it every day if you can. If you spend 15 minutes, that's something.

Just be sure to "follow the rules". The moderators can get pretty snooty when you don't ;) Make sure that if you are not allowed to promote your book on a certain board that you DON'T. It will be removed - immediately. You can post to them, and you should, just don't post about your own book. I love these boards because you can connect with readers and find out what they are interested in, and then participate by suggesting someone else's book - that is completely acceptable. And guess what, you can still add your signature to every post so readers will know you are an author.

On the Amazon Kindle Boards, my favorite ones that you should be checking out are:

The Book Corner
The Book Bazaar (and within that Writer's Cafe)

And at the Barnes & Nobles Boards I post most often to:

The Community Room
NOOK General Discussion
Nookbook Discussion

And here are a few other forums I like:

Writing Forums
Book & Reader

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