I really don't know where the idea of MACBETH'S NIECE came from. Of course I taught the play for years, and that may have been the beginning, but who knows what makes a particular plot evolve in a writer's head? First came the idea that the man may have had family in the castle who were concerned for him but unable to change the course of events. Then came the notion that it would be a young woman who has her own problems to deal with, related to her status as the king's niece but not directly involved with him. From there the story took shape and became what it is, a book that one librarian called a "literary romance." Several times now I've been asked if I'm going to continue the Shakespearean theme in other novels. I doubt it, but it does bring up some interesting possibilities.

Hamlet's Harlot? Was it actually another woman that made Ophelia drown her sorrows?
Lear's Lady? If she hadn't been on holiday, maybe her youngest daughter would be alive today.
Mercutio's Mistress? Did the medieval merryman's clowning hide a broken heart?
Troilus' Trollop? Was he really on campaign, or was he trysting?

I offer these ideas freely. If you like them, go for it.

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