Goodreads for me has been a fun and exciting place. Shane Briant was nice enough to friend me there, and because of that I learned of his novel. I have to admit right from the
get go I was a bit taken aback by the whole thing. It is an unusual novel
filled with so many different elements; it is difficult for me to tell you it
fits this genre or that. That I think is the beauty of the novel.

Worst Nightmares is a major roller coaster of a ride. I think it would have been fun to have been a fly on the wall as Shane Briant possibly sat down and laid this all out before he started to write it. He has
created a very eerie and emotionally charged microcosm for his core group of
characters. Each has their own issues and none of them seems to be equipped to
help the other out. They are jaded, condescending and totally wrapped up into
themselves. Amazingly, by the same token, Shane Briant brings his writing
skills to bear and helps us to become emotionally invested in these same
characters so we have a sense of caring in what happens to them at novel’s
end. The tension builds the entire novel
to an ending that I don’t think most readers would expect, right up to the last

Shane Briant is working on the sequel to this and he has told me when he started the project he had always envisioned a trilogy; I am in on that. I want more; the story and the plotline are that good. Is this a:
Horror novel? Action/Thriller? Mystery? Tale of legal suspense? Western (just
checking to see if you were paying attention)? I am going to go with all of the
above. Opening the pages of this novel is going to give you a ride, a unique
departure from the norm that is going to leave you thinking and shaking your
head. I was glad to have been able to have this novel brought to my attention; for me that is the fun of the Goodreads
website. Make sure that at the minimum you put this in your –to read- list
there and have some fun with it; I know I did.

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