She Did It, He Did It, I Plan to Do It

The manuscript I wrote about yesterday? It was as good at the end as it was at the beginning (Applause). I mentioned that it pulled me along, and that led to completion in a couple of long reading sessions. Again, it's wonderful to find a book where the prose, the characters, and the action work, make me want to read rather than merely giving me a few minutes' diversion before starting my day or going to sleep. It's as if the authorial world is divided between "read" and "HAVE to read" books. This is one of the latter, and I hope someday it is published so I can recommend it to you.

Not a very political person, but I'm pleased with a new President who seems different from the usual politician. The first time I heard Obama speak, I thought, "Gee. How long has it been since we had a President that articulate, that thoughtful, that rounded in his views?" Maybe it's my years of teaching speech, but I was impressed, and that hadn't happened for a long time. The mess he's inheriting? I can't imagine why anyone would take it on, so I guess that's the downside. Maybe he's insane.

My plan today is to hide in my office and finish the edit on the WIP that's been so long in coming. So stop bothering me and go away. I need to get to work.

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