When I first started researching this book- my husband who worked the crime of Georgia Jessup and Susan Place told me he didn't know just how many people would be interested in a 34 year old crime. I told him that I had a feeling about this. So I continued with my quest. As it turned out not only were people interested, but those who worked all of the crimes and are still alive were more than willing to help me with this book.
Since last week another thing has happened that cements my belief that Silent Scream was meant to be written by me. I was contacted by the sister in law of Carmen Hallock one of Schaefer's many victims. She told me she was so glad that I had chosen to write their story, and to give them a voice. One that has been silent for to long.
Nancy Bauer, Camen's sister in law was the last person to see Carmen before she left with Schaefer. Carmen told her what she was going to wear on her date with Schaefer. Schaefer used her as a character that he claimed was fiction but reality it was a confession.
Nancy has never been able to put closure to that part of her life. Carmen was the godmother to Nancy's daughter. They were very close as friends as well as sister in laws.
One of Carmen siblings has since died, and the other has closed the door on that part of his life. Nancy was the only one left to remember her.
Carmen was one of the lesser known vicitms of Schaefer- her body was never found- and he never admitted to killing her. Yet there was evidence taken during the search warrent at his mother's house that lead law enforcement to believe he did kill her. There was a tooth which was matched to Carmen and other things - however, law enforcement had no body and didn't know even where to start looking.
Nancy agrees that the girls should never be forgotten again. She is so glad that Camen now has a voice
If you would like to purchase this book you can get it several ways. My online store is http://thebookattic.ecrater.com or you can purchase it at lulu.com or Amazon. If you purchase it at my store it will come to you signed.
Please help give the girls a voice - keep them from being forgotten again.

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