Remember my pledge to spend this week on my WIP? Here's the progress report.

I did work on it, and it is coming along. The plot is coming together, moving from the original, vague idea of two parallel stories into a concrete blend. The characters are speaking to me, telling me what I've made them say that isn't right, adding depth to themselves through familiarity.

However, I never seem to get done as much as I expect, and it never seems to go as smoothly as I imagine. Hours slip by and I'm dismayed by how few pages I've edited and how many changes I've inked in that will now have to be typed in, another day just revising what's already there.

So how would I grade myself? Maybe a B for output and a C for effort (there were a lot of times when lifethings interrupted, and some of them were my choice). Still, I'm energized now to finish it, the end goal is closer than it was a week ago, and the characters are starting to urge me on, a sure sign that I can do this. That leads me to give the week an A overall. A for "Almost there."

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