My cozy mystery, SOMEBODY DOESN'T LIKE SARAH LEIGH, is available for Kindle and will come in other formats in the spring of 2012. Set in northern Lower Michigan, it’s an intriguing mystery and more than that. It's also about what can happen to friendships between women.

We've all seen movies and read books about those lifelong, girl-to-woman relationships, and they are wonderful. But what we often don't consider is that some of those friendships go wrong over time. It's hard to say which ones will, but when a friendship dies, it's usually because one, the other, or both of the people in it changed.

We admit that it happens in marriages. We say, "They grew apart." It happens in friendships, too, and if the two parties are lucky, they only grow apart. What happens in this story is worse than that. Carolyn and Sarah have been friends since childhood, but in recent years, things changed. Sarah became cold and distant, even hostile. Hurt, Carolyn backs away, unaware of what she’s done wrong.

Their rift becomes public when Sarah betrays Carolyn in a way she would never have imagined. Now more angry than hurt, Carolyn confronts Sarah, much to the town’s surprise and...well, delight, at least for the gossips.

When Sarah disappears, Carolyn is suspected of drowning her. And when the people responsible for what happened to Sarah come after Carolyn, things go from embarrassing to life-threatening, all because she was once the best friend of the saintly Sarah Leigh.

Get it for 99 cents! Such a deal!

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