Spencer Quinn, Cleo Coyle, short story, Amber Benson & much more in KRL

New issue of Kings River Life is up & it is packed!

We have something extra special this week--a review of Spencer Quinn's latest Chet the Dog book "A Fistful of Collars", an interview with Quinn, info on his upcoming signing at Mysterious Galaxy, a chance to win a copy of the book & a link where a portion of all sales of this book will go to SNAP--an animal rescue/spay and neuter program in San Diego http://kingsriverlife.com/09/08/fistful-of-collars-by-spencer-quinn/

A review of Cleo Coyle's latest Coffeehouse Mystery "A Brew To A Kill" and a chance to win a copy of that book http://kingsriverlife.com/09/08/a-brew-to-a-kill-by-cleo-coyle/

A guest post by Cleo about coffee along with a great coffee recipe http://kingsriverlife.com/09/08/cleo-coyle-tests-your-coffee-iq/

A mystery short story by Herschel Cozine http://kingsriverlife.com/09/08/the-mission-an-original-mystery-sho...

A review of "Major Crimes", the "Closer" spin-off http://kingsriverlife.com/09/08/major-crimes-gets-closer-to-being-g...

An interview with Amber Benson of Buffy fame about a new action indie movie she is in http://kingsriverlife.com/09/08/interview-with-ward-roberts-amber-b...

And lastly on KRL Lite a review of Radine Trees Nehring's latest book "A Fair To Die For" and a chance to win a copy of that book http://kingsriverlife.blogspot.com/

Happy reading,
Lorie Ham

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