Spotlight: Sunny Frazier writes open letter to Borders

Could Borders have possibly avoided or softened the disasterous condition they now occupy?


Today Sunny Frazier, author and acquisition editor for Oak Tree Books weighed in on the subject with an 
Open Letter to Borders that didn’t pull any punches. 
There are excerpts and a link to her full post in my Spotlight today.
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Comment by Morgan St. James on February 25, 2011 at 7:46am

Kevin, I think that's definitely a factor. Unfortunately once expansion and finances get out of hand combined with evolutionary things going on in the industry itself, such as midsize and indie booksellers either being gobbled up or going out of business, as my Mom use to say, "It ain't good, McGee." In L.A. we have mourned the demise of some of our favorite midsize booksellers like Duttons, WaldenBooks and the indie The Mystery Bookstore.

At times like this, sometimes even stellar customer service won't save the sinking ship. The two Borders stores I was familiar with in Las Vegas were both gracious. There was another one that I approached when my first book came out, and they were so cold and basically said they couldn't give the time of day to smaller presses. So, as a third comment, the management policies of the individual stores can also affect perception of a potential customer.

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