Spring Housecleaning: An Update (Of Sorts)

Whew— it's been a busy spring...

My new thriller FALLOUT (the third installment in the Beck Casey series) was released April 7.

My new mystery-thriller THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES (the first in my new Faulk Carpenter thriller series) was published yesterday (May 28)......as an Amazon e-book original.

And now the folks at Amazon write to say that they will re-publish my VIRGINS AND MARTYRS (a "starred"/ "highly recommended" Library Journal selection when originally published a couple of years ago, featuring several of the characters who return in The Law Of Unintended Consequences) "sometime before the end of June."

em>chuckle> I haven't seen a new cover treatment (yet) for V&M, so its image here in my trifecta of 2015 releases-to-date is the original cover.

But I'm happy with the book-jacket "rogues gallery" of what is looking like a prolific year...

...and I've promised the second Faulk Carpenter book (working-title'd "The Wrong Kind Of Girl") by fall of this year.

If I live that long...

— Earl Merkel

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