Step Right Up and Get Your Free Mini eBook

Ronco couldn't come up with a better offer.

For only three easy payments (please no checks or money orders) of $0.00 a month, we'll send you the first three chapters of "Cleansing Eden."

But wait! There's more.

If you act now, we'll package those chapters into a mini eBook for you to download. The bean counters back at the office don't want me to, but
I'll even give you the cover free of charge.

Don't wait! Operators are standing by.

But wait! As a special bonus, feel free to download and distribute the mini eBook however you like.

Don't wait! Download today!

OK, enough stop and go waiting; someone's bound to puke. Click here to download the "Cleansing Eden" mini eBook (PDF). It doesn't cost a cent and you're welcome to share it amongst your fellow infomercial enthusiasts.

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