I love Martini’s Paul Madriani novels. Each one was thoroughly enjoyed and I can say I look forward to each new installment with a great deal of anticipation. Martini’s cast of characters also includes Harry
Hinds, Madriani’s law partner and Herman Diggs their investigator. The Rule of Nine picks up where Guardian of Lies ends. If
you remember in the last installment of the series, our group of smart aleck
characters foiled an attempted bombing of the nuclear nature on American soil
in San Diego. Their unfriend, Liquida, the hired assassin known as “the
Mexicutioner” is very unhappy with all that Madriani and company has undone.
Here we go then , right into , The Rule
Of Nine

Steve Martini adds a few new elements into this newest novel and I for one am thankful for the new characters and directions with them. He has penned a number of New York Times Best sellers and could easily sit on his
hands and mail it in, but he didn’t; he took it to a new level for me. Many
novels fit into this genre, but I am going to say he is definitely one of my
favorites for all the right reasons. He puts together a very good concise
plotline and lets his characters drive the story to a very nice well tied
together ending. There are no special gadgets used, no big time surprises whipped
out of pocket from left field to carry this home, just good, fundamental
storytelling that is enjoyable to read. One point I would make on this though,
is that I enjoy these characters best in their natural habitat, the courtroom.
I know that sounds odd coming from me. I think this solid cast shines the most
when hunting down a good legal drama, not terrorists and nukes, maybe next

The Rule of Nine is a good new chapter in the life and times of Paul Madriani and company. If this is your first crack at the characters, there is no major letdown and you don’t feel that you have missed
too much by starting now; he is not really in his natural environment. Martini
makes you feel like you are just getting acquainted with some friends you
haven’t seen in a while. Come on in and enjoy, you can catch up on things
later; let’s get to what is new now. I
don’t hesitate to say give this novel and its backlog of stories a go, put this
in your Goodreads – to read- list if you are busy now and enjoy a new character
driven series by one of the giants in the genre.

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