I am flat-out honored to be a part of this unbelievable story bundle called DARK JUSTICE. Included in this bundle are ten novels, amazing books from some of the most remarkable crime writers going. Writers like Lawrence Block, Kris Nelscott, Julie Hyzy, Rebecca Cantrell, Dean Wesley Smith, J Daniel Sawyer, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Melissa Yi, and Patrice Greenwood.

So here’s the deal–

This bundle of ten, flat-out incredible novels–many of them, like FATAL DESTINY, are first in their series–is available now, but for a limited time only, and here’s the kicker–you, the reader, get to name your own price. I won’t go into all the details here–you can find them over at the website here: http://storybundle.com/crime

All I can say is check it out, then buy the bundle. This is a deal so good, its criminal.

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