We have a established a new crime imprint (NOT a vanity press!) called Grey Cells Press, and our first books will be coming out in the New Year 2013. We are still seeking submissions.

We are looking for most types of crime fiction, from the classic English
whodunit through to police procedurals and hardboiled detectives: Christie
to Chandler, Marsh to Mosley, Paretsky, Dexter and Tey and puzzles by Carr and
Crispin and Queen. We want well-written, satisfying work. It may be cozy and
comfortable or disturbing or peculiar or amusing... or something completely different.

If you have a completed novel which you believe may fit, the send us:

1)  The first three chapters or fifty pages

2)  A synopsis of one or two pages

3)  A covering letter with a brief overview - we do NOT need you to do a
brilliant 'pitch' or the kind of blurb which would go on the back of the
book. The basic story, main character(s) and the general themes is all we need.

We will respond as soon as possible. If we turn the submission down we will,
if you wish, then give a fuller explanation of why we don't feel it is right
for us.

If you want to ask us questions first – fire away.

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