Sunday, Sunday , Sunday. How are you doing? Good day to all. I come to you once again as we here at Trestle Press are gearing up for an amazing three month period of promotions: “Harbinger of Horror”, “Thanksgiving Thriller Feast” and last but not least ”Santa’s Goodie  Sack Full O’Multi –Genre Madness!”.

I think that you can see by the titles of the promotions we are looking to have some fun with this. The key here is to have quality digital short stories, novella’s, and full length novels for our readers to devour.

We are looking for authors of all genres that feel they have the right stuff, they have the goods, and they can be what every reader is looking for: a responsive author that has them in mind read after read. If you feel you can deliver that, time after time, then contact me. I am interested in talking to you. We have a very ambitious publishing schedule to close out the year. Do you want to be part of that?

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