Sunday, on "The Book:" Martin J. Smith, & LIVE Call-In...

In a wildly dangerous experiment, this Sunday evening "The Book, With Earl Merkel" will break into our usually pre-recorded programming --in mid-show-- for a "LIVE, on-air listener call-in" chapter-segment...

... where YOU can call in to introduce yourselves --and to interrogate, with waterboarding intensity-- Mary Cummings, the head of the fast-growing publishing house Diversion Books (New York).

In an era where many publishing houses are cutting back, Ms. Cummings' house is aggressively on-the-hunt for new talent and new books-- and her proven expertise in negotiating the perilous waters of today's digital-and-traditional publishing world is a resource every writer will want to tap.

So g'wan: let's grill the lady, mercilessly! (And let her hear about YOUR manuscript too!)

Don't miss this opportunity to call-in LIVE at 9:30 p.m. ET via our Audience Hotline -- (347) 884-8266 -- with your questions about how to break into the "published author" pantheon... and maybe, even to "pitch" your own book to Mary, eh?

"The Book, With Earl Merkel" --this Sunday, with a live "audience call-in" segment... with a hilarious interview with author Martin J. Smith ("OOPS! - 20 Life Lessons from the Fiascoes That Shaped America")... with another sparkling essay from Contributing Editor Rich Le Cropane... and much, much more!

ALSO FEATURED: Newspaper columnist DEL STONE talks about the perils (including the occasional death-threat) and oft-unclear "joys" of returning to the column-writing salt-mines... in a digital age when putting the crosshairs on opinion-writing-reporters has become easy for the Internet loonies. SUNDAY, on "The Book, With Earl Merkel."

The fun airs Sunday (June 30) starting at 9 p.m. (with LIVE call-in segment starting at 9:30 p.m.) at:

— Earl Merkel

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