Our ordering website is up at: www.suspensemagazine.com/secureorderform.html

The packed June Edition is headed to print right now, so don't miss out! You will see John Sandford, Gregg Olsen, Actor Courtney Gains, Golden Age Stories and a lot more! Order your 12 month subscription now and you will receive the June edition.

We just received word that director Wes Craven has agreed to do an interview with us, coming up in a future edition, to honor the 25th anniversary of "Nightmare on Elm Street." We have also asked 5 memebers of the cast to join us, including Johnny Depp, we are just waiting on them now.

Lee Child and Charlene Harris (the author behind the HBO series "Tru Blood") will be featured in the July edition, along with a ton of other stuff.

We are putting together a feature for Law and Order and have received word that several cast members are going to be a part of this major feature, coming up in a future issue.

We are the insider source for everything suspense, thriller, horror and mystery. If you have any questions, please contact editor@suspensemagazine.com.

Suspense Magazine

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