Oh, stop thinking that way!

My thought for the day comes from the night. Once upon a time, my husband wanted the bedroom cool (make that cold) and I wanted it warm. In our maturity, we have switched. These days I can't sleep unless the AC is on, and he suffers from an arthritic shoulder, so the blast of cool air keeps him awake with an ache.

Studies show that men and women make subtle shifts as they age that may reverse behaviors and attitudes from their younger years. Women become more assertive and men less so. Is it because men sense their physical powers waning and women get a sense of it? Women who have finished their life task, raising children, become interested in lots of new things, while men may narrow their circle of activities. One possible reason is that their pursuits often involved physical activity. Riding a motorcycle or tramping through rough terrain just isn't as much fun at 70 as it was at 35.

Of course, I speak in generalities. There are plenty of exceptions to everything I've said here. But as a writer, I think one has to keep in mind the gentle shift as people age. Older male protags might have limits where they did not have them before, and older females? Well, they might just surprise everyone.

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