"Murder Becomes Miami" is going to be chilling.

In "Murder Becomes Miami," terror strikes again. Someone will die. In fact, this time ... many will die before Dalton Lee and his team of architects halt the terror.

Oh, and that group of homeless you always see huddled under overpasses?

Perhaps they are not so destitute after all...

If you have not yet read the first in Mr. Eaton's series of mystery thrillers, "Murder Becomes Manhattan" is available at $3.19 for Kindle, $3.99 for iBook, $14.55* for trade-sized paperback, and $17* and up for a first-edition hardcover.

In fact, we're having an END OF SUMMER SALE. Order any first-edition hardcover of "Murder Becomes Manhattan" by Jeffrey Eaton and save $4.25 on shipping and handling. Use this discount promotion code at checkout: SKYLARK

This offer is valid through Sept. 3, 2015, for U.S. customers only at The Cornet Group's online store.

Get other details about "Murder Becomes Manhattan" and read the first four chapters free at murdermanhattan.com.

(*plus sales tax and mailing, where applicable)

Questions? Shoot (no pun intended) me an email:

Randall White, Publisher
The Cornet Group

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