Tess Gerritsen, Sandra Parshall, Rachel Caine & a short story in new KRL issue

The new issue of Kings River Life is up and we have a review of Tess Gerritsen's latest Rizzli & Isles book "Last to Die", a behind the book interview with Tess & you can enter for a chance to win a copy of the book http://kingsriverlife.com/09/22/last-to-die-by-tess-gerritsen/

We also have a never before published mystery short story by Gail Farrelly http://kingsriverlife.com/09/22/for-petes-sake-original-mystery-sho...

And we have a review of Sandra Parshall's latest book "Bleeding Through", an interview with Sandra & a chance to win a copy of that book as well http://kingsriverlife.com/09/22/bleeding-through-by-sandra-parshall/

If you also enjoy fantasy check out our review of Rachel Caine's latest fantasy novel "Two Weeks'Notice" and enter to win a copy of that book too http://kingsriverlife.blogspot.com/2012/09/two-weeks-notice-by-rach...

Happy reading & happy fall!
Lorie Ham

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Comment by Dana King on September 24, 2012 at 4:33am

Excellent interview with Sandra Parshall, questions and answers alike. I held off reading it for a couple of days, as i was in the middle of BLEEDING THROUGH and I never like to read too much about a book until I've finished it. The book combines elements of a traditional whodunit with police procedural well, and in an unconventional way that kept me trying to figure out who the killer was, which I rarely do. (I'm more of a "how is the story going to unfold kind of reader.) 

Thanks for the heads up.

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