The problem with living is that you learn some things as you go, but new questions keep popping up. You understand the playoff process that leads to the Superbowl, but you can't understand why some perfectly good teams can't get there. You learn the basics of healthy living but can't explain why some people who ignore them completely seem to do just fine. And if you're an educator (or maybe a parent), you learn that you may control a child's behavior but you can't change the way he thinks.

As the end of another year approaches, I would like the answer to these questions:
Why does pizza still smell good even when you're stuffed with it?
Why do men think that if the bottle says "add one teaspoon," a tablespoon is better?
Why do some people get wiser with age while others only become more convinced that their particular
brand of stupidity is okay?
Why do cats only like you when you're really busy?
And why do weathermen always seem happiest when predicting disaster?

I know; life doesn't always give answers. But you could put all that wisdom of age to work on it.

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