The Book Olympics – writing a novel is a marathon, not a sprint.

With the London Olympic Games just around the corner there are analogies aplenty to describe the processes by which authors get a book ready for the finishing line.

Let’s for a moment overlook the obvious comparison of marathon versus sprint, ignore the temptation to talk about hurdles to be overcome, and skip the image of taking the plunge. The preparation needed to be a Book Olympian (an Author with a completed work) is every bit as dedicated as athletes who cloister themselves in training camps and pound the miles in daily exercise routines.

I’m not suggesting the physicality of writing is anything like that required by Olympians – but authors too have daily routines, and they can be just as lonely, tedious and draining as those experienced by their muscular counterparts.

There has always been a lively debate about how authors should make room in their day for a set writing routine. How many hours per day? Is there a recommended daily word count?


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