The Book Review That Made Me Cry (Tears of Joy)!

It did!

And as I am doing the sequel/prequel due to reader response, it's giving me pause for thought as in I hope it's good!


Here is my latest review on Goodreads and Smashwords!


Review by: R Kristian Angeli on Jan. 15, 2011 :

Before The HOUSE ON BLACKSTONE MOOR, we experienced the wicked, self-involved albeit charming vampire and his polar opposite - the long-suffering, brooding wimp with a conscience. Carole Gill’s Louis Darton is neither. In fact, he is the perfect balance between the two - a Byronic hero with substance. He endures, as the author writes, no matter what. He does so with great courage, inner strength and compassion. Now that’s seductive!

As a fan of 19th century British literature and all things gothic, I found, in House of The Blackstone Moor, all the elements I enjoy in a novel and all the elements of a classic. The moods of great works such as Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, even Dickens (a la Oliver Twist and David Copperfield) surface throughout. Carole Gill presents great narrative, well-drawn characters, and has a marvelous ear for dialogue.

While hopelessly invested in the fate of Rose Baines and her beloved Louis Darton, I read this entire book in two days. No sooner had I put it down, when an irresistible lure seemed to beckon my return. I’d have finished it in one sitting if I didn’t need to be elsewhere.

Between Darton and Satan cohort “Eco,” there is the additional element of the proverbial dark side with a twist. It brings to mind Anne Rice’s almost poetic “Memnoch The Devil” inspired by the Book of Enoch and Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost. This genre has been met and embraced in the past with great interest and sheer fascination. Carole Gill continues in that vein. She pulls it off quite skillfully with wonderfully bold and descriptive passages.

I look forward to the recently announced sequel/prequel and would love to see it all brought to life on film. The book is titillating…brilliant and 5-star spectacular. I am in awe."

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