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The Case of the Death Dealer
Alexander Steele Investigations


Part 1: Pusherman

Private detective Alexander Steele has been around for quite sometime. You may
not have heard of him but that’s about to change. The concept for the
original novel began back in the year 2000. By the time I got around
to outlining, and summarizing the story in 2001the World Trade Center
was hit. Since Alexander Steele’s story involved an attack on American
soil by foreigners, I decided to scrap the book out of respect to the
families and friends who lost loved on that day.

Fast forward to 2009, Alex Steele comes to life in his first novel
titled Blackout. Before you rush out to pick up your copy I should
tell you that Blackout has not been published yet. Below is a summary
of the story also a link to the website. So here we are in the summer
of 2010 and once again Alex Steele comes out of retirement in an
attempt to prevent a huge shipment of lethal drugs from hitting the
streets of Philly. He has to move fast in order to save the thousands
of lives that are in jeopardy. The end of this story will surprise

This is a free short story available for download beginning July 8th at

Coming in the fall of 2010 Alex Steele returns in Half-Dead, the case of the Missing Men.

Alexander Steele is a retired African American private detective turned
night club owner living in Philadelphia. He hoped to put the detective
life behind him and move on with his longtime girlfriend Shakia. When
Alex's friend brings him an encrypted travel drive with info on the
blackout that was created three months before the recent Canadian
blackout; Alex finds himself drawn into the well-crafted mind games of
a madman known as Chameleon.

Chameleon is an American terrorist whose goal is to shut down the country by collapsing
the economy of the United States of America. From the snow cover
streets of Montreal, Canada to the tropical beaches of Nassau Alex
follows the trail of clues and dead bodies as he inches closer to
revealing the plot to bring down the entire U S government while
narrowly surviving the constant attempts on his life.

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