ImageI grew up in a small town and think it was the best option for schooling and a friendly, safe community.

I still live in a small town but it’s a suburb of the City.

Oh, the city.

I went out for dinner last Friday evening and realized how much of the city amazes me.

The interstates and freeways with bumper to bumper traffic. Long streams of white headlights and red taillights. The slowpokes and the maniacs who, apparently, don’t know how to read a speed limit sign.

The shops and restaurants  along Ingersoll, University Boulevard, Fleur, Southeast 14th, Mills Civic Parkway, just to name a few. I wish I could slow down, without annoying drivers behind me, and look at each one. I’d love to take time to stop into some of those hole-in-the-wall shops. I found a cigar place on Ingersoll that looked fascinating. I don’t smoke, but the place still intrigued me from what I saw through the window.

The crowds in the restaurants. I ate a place on Ingersoll that had all of maybe fifteen tables. People were packed in there and could barely move between the tables. The grill, though, was in view and every now and then flames would leap up and light up the kitchen.

Downtown. All the lights and the buildings. Again, to take time to explore…

The homeless and other characters who wander the streets.

The glow of thousands of lights upon the cloud cover.

Driving down Fleur I heard a noise and three seconds later saw an airplane descend not an eighth of a mile away.

The alleys and off streets are always fun to explore.

The malls with the people, people, people.

The constant change, construction, and deterioration in various parts of the city.

Seeing the difference of the city from day to night.

Knowing there are areas I shouldn’t go alone or maybe at all…and still wanting to see what’s there, to explore.

Too many pretty girls to count.

The rush of noise on a winter’s night.

The bike and walking trails through the city. I want to spend days traveling them all.

So much of the city I’ve never visited, maybe being closer I’ll find time.

Feeling good that I can leave the city and go back to my small apartment where the neighbors are weird and nobody knows anybody else. Knowing that I’m less than ten minutes away.

This is Mallory’s Petersen’s city. This is Harry Reznik’s city.

I hope one day to make it my City.

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Comment by Stephen Brayton on February 1, 2014 at 7:15pm

Thanks. I can't remember where I picked up that picture. I have several.

Comment by MC - Tina on February 1, 2014 at 6:41am
Great photo. Enjoying the comments. Best wishes with your books, Stephen.

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