I think I got more than I bargained for here in The Clockwork Man. I usually enjoy novels that have things blow up, wise cracking detectives, international tales of intrigue, secret agents saving the world
from the next newest megalomaniac. Here I get to read about a guy made of clock
parts and he brings upon me some serious introspective questions, making me
examine things I don’t wish to think about or knew I needed to ponder. Go
figure. This is essentially a diary from a man made of clock pieces, original
idea, you bet. This is no Frankenstein tale; it is the life and times of Ernst.

Here is a little something about the novel if you don’t believe me: “Ernst’s world is one of endless admirers, including foreign dignitaries and heads of state. Hailed as a marvel of the late 19th
century automation, he is the crowning achievement of his master, Karl Gruber.
A world-famous builder of automated clocks, Gruber has reached the pinnacle of
his art in Ernst- a man constructed entirely of clockwork.

Educated and raised in the Gruber household to be a gentle, caring soul, Ernst begins to discover a profound love for his master’s daughter, Giselle. Just as their relationship becomes intimate, however, tragedy
strikes and the family falls apart. Ernst’s serene and happy existence is
shattered and changed forever. Abandoned, knowing no other life but the one he
has led, Ernst allows himself to wind down in a kind of suicide. Over 100 years
later, he awakens in a strange new land, the world he’s known long gone.”

I have the feeling that William Jablonsky uses a few literary tools here to make us think of the world around us. Me being the simplistic one, had to dig deep to understand the direction he was traveling
in. Do I enjoy that type of thing, once in a while, yes? Thankfully this is
once in a while. The lines he draws and the plotline with the Clockwork Man was
very interesting and raised a number of questions for me: How do I view people? Why do I view them in
the way I do? How is it I wish to be viewed and accepted? What does it feel
like to be the only one your kind and viewed just a little bit differently than
the rest? The diary of the Clockwork Man
is definitely a different flav, be prepared.

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