I don't think there is an end to most of my written work. Obviously when something goes to publication, I have to say it's finished, but until that point, I never feel like I'm done with it. However, I made a big step toward the end of my WIP this morning: a rough draft that, in spite of its holes, feels like a complete story.

There is lots still to do. Characters morphed during the course of the story and now have to be adjusted in their entrances. Details have to be added that steer the reader along, helping her follow the plot and hopefully making her satisfied with the ending. And now that the main story is told, I'll have enough brain cells free to provide details: historical, sensory, and character additions designed to pull the reader in and add to her overall experience.

Still, I feel like I have it on paper (well, maybe on cyberpaper). That's more than I've had for months and months, so it feels pretty good. It's really the end of the beginning, but right now it feels like progress .

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