Do you ever really know the one you love? After reading my psychological crime mystery THE END OF WINTER you might never be sure again! Now out in print and e-book - info and links below, so read on.

T.D.Griggs - novelist, corporate writer and freelance journalist

Surgeon Michael Severin flies to disaster areas all over the world - floods, earthquakes, fires. He is good at his work, decisive, courageous and skilled - a natural rescuer.

But he learns the cost of his successful life only when he returns home from an assignment to find his wife Caitlin dying from a brutal assault in their London home. His world shattered, Severin sets out to unravel the tangled skein of events which led to the tragedy.

In following these trails Michael Severin comes to know his dead wife as he never knew her in life. And he discovers that a man can be equal to any tragedy, except his own. 

'Clever, incisive, sharp as a well-honed blade, T.D. Griggs brings us another intricate, beautiful thriller. It's his people that make these great: deep, rich and characterful. Miss it at your peril!' M. C. Scott, bestselling author of the Rome Series

For more information on T.D.Griggs and his other work visit his website and follow him on Twitter @TDGRIGGS1


T.D Griggs was born in London and has lived and worked on four continents. He holds British and Australian nationality 

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