“You look very pleased with yourself,” Hugh said once he’d given Cary a welcome home kiss and handed him a bottle of beer.

“I am. That man I told you about who wants to create our website came up with a design that Rickerson actually approved of that might drive more business our way.”

“So he’s male? I thought you didn’t know if he was male or female.”

Cary laughed. “I did the obvious and asked. After all I can’t spend the next however long it takes to get this completed working with him without knowing.”

Hugh frowned slightly as he nodded in agreement. “So are you going to meet this dude?”

Shooting him a surprised look at the intensity behind his question Cary shook his head. “He’s based, umm, back east,” he said. Actually he had no idea where the man was other than that he’d said he wasn’t in the city but he had the sudden feeling that Hugh would rather that he be as far away as possible. Grinning he asked, “Jealous lover?”

“Always when it involves you,” Hugh replied, his smile seeming a bit forced as he headed into the kitchen. “Dinner’s ready when you are,” he called back over his shoulder.

Cary shook his head as he took a long pull on his beer. He’d always known that Hugh tended to be a bit possessive. His response to Preston’s being around had shown that until both Cary and Preston had convinced him that they were just friends. Cary sighed deeply. He missed Preston. He cared deeply for Hugh but there were times when he wanted someone to talk to. Well not someone, he wanted Preston. His friend knew him better than anyone else, even Hugh. If Preston was here now Cary knew he could voice the niggling concern he had about Hugh’s reaction to finding out this Kelly was male. Preston would laugh it off and tell him it was normal and not to worry. Cary smiled to himself. And he’d be right. It was normal.

Taking another gulp of beer Cary headed into the kitchen. “So what wonderful concoction have you come up with tonight,” he asked, wrapping his arms around his lover as he pressed him back against the counter and kissed him before he could reply.

Hugh laughed when he finally pulled away, answering as he always did to that question by listing the evening’s menu and adding, “And me for dessert.”

“My very favorite dessert,” Cary responded as always while helping to get dinner on the table. ‘Yes,’ he thought, ‘I am happy, life is good, I adore Hugh. But Pres, I miss you. Damn it I don’t care what you look like now. It doesn’t matter. It’s you I want, my friend, not the pretty face you once had but the man behind it. I hope someday you understand that and trust me enough to let me know where you are.

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