“He’s not going to show up Tabby Cat,” Preston said into his cell as he paced the living room floor. “He thought I was joking just like he was. I should have answered his last question.”

“No, Pres, you should have answered his unasked question and told him who you really are.”

“I know.” He ran a hand through his hair and then growled as he realized he was at the window again looking down at the street in front of the apartment building.

He hadn’t meant to tender the invitation no matter how badly he missed Cary and wanted to see him again. He should have left things the way they were, two men carrying on what Cary had thought was a budding, long distance friendship and nothing more.

He could have blamed Tabitha. After all when he blurted out to her in a moment of honesty that he knew from the beginning that it was Cary he was dealing with she had immediately begun a not so subtle campaign to make him reveal himself to his one time friend. He’d fought her tooth and nail every inch of the way. The last thing he wanted was for the man he cared about so deeply to see him the way he was now.

After one long, somewhat drunken night of reminiscing to her about his friendship with Cary he had let it slip that he’d always been in love with the man. He’d only kept it a secret from Cary because once, just before Cary had left for college, he’d told Preston, “A good friend is much more important than a good fuck.” Reluctantly he’d agreed and kept his feelings to himself ever after, even encouraging Cary’s relationship with Hugh.

“Pres, are you still with me,” Tabitha asked, bringing him back to the present.

“Yes, but I should let you go. He’s not coming. Hell why should he? I’m just a person who helped him and his company out when they needed my expertise. He’s probably home with Hugh eating supper and enjoying a good laugh at my expense.”

“I doubt he’s laughing. In fact he probably hasn’t even mentioned it to Hugh. From what you’ve said he’s a good man. I just wish… Oh never mind, if wishes were horses and all that. Pres, I do have to go but I’ll call you in an hour. If you don’t answer, and I hope you don’t, I’ll know he did show up.”

He chuckled morosely. “I’ll talk to you in an hour.” Closing his cell he dropped it on his desk and threw himself down on the sofa. “If wishes were horses is right,” he said under his breath. Closing his eyes he felt himself start to doze off. Shifting he sprawled the length of the sofa, covering his eyes with one arm. Might as well sleep, he had nothing better to occupy his time at the moment.

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