“So?” Tabitha said as soon as she walked into the living room the next morning.

Preston shrugged. “So nothing. We talked a lot is all.”

“Oh Pres what am I going to do with you? I bet you didn’t say a word about your feelings. And before you say it’s too early to remember that you’ve known him a lot longer than you have me. He’d have to be a fool not to know on some level what you feel even if he won’t admit it to himself.”

“Tabby, damn it, he’s in a relationship with a nice man. There is no way in hell I’d try to mess that up, especially now. I didn’t when it started you know. Hugh’s good for him. He needs someone stable who’ll be his friend and take care of him.”

“And you couldn’t do that?” She pulled up a chair to sit beside him. “When do I get to meet this man by the way?”

“No clue. I’m not even certain he’ll be back. It’s fine for him to act like this,” he pointed to his face, “doesn’t bother him but how can it not.”

“It doesn’t bother me. I hardly even notice any more. I see you, the real you, not the exterior.”

“Right. But you won’t go walking with me I bet now that it’s too warm for me to wear the ski mask.”

“Say’s who?”

“Say’s…” He looked at her, seeing both the smile and the ‘I dare you’ look on her face. “You would?”

“Yes you big nut. If you’re willing to do it I’ll be right by your side.”

He chewed his lip as he thought about that. “Tonight,” he finally said hesitantly.

“Tonight it is. As soon as I get home and we’ve eaten we’re going to the park.” She got up, bending to kiss his forehead. “We have a date mister. Do not stand me up.”

Preston chuckled. “I’m more afraid you’ll stand me up once you think about it.”

“In. Your. Dreams.” Grabbing her jacket she headed to the door. “See you tonight.”

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