“Would you come up with me,” Tabitha asked. “I mean if you don’t mind or don’t have to get back home to your boyfriend. I’m too wired to go to bed right now and I wouldn’t mind the company.”

“I don’t mind at all. I’ll just leave Hugh a text so he knows where I am. He’s probably dead to the world right now anyway. He got stuck working late at the construction site and was dragging when he got home.”

A few minutes later they were in her apartment. She asked if he wanted coffee or something stronger. When he opted for coffee she went to get it started. He followed, taking a seat at the table.

“Did the cops say anything when you talked to them?”

“Not really. They just took my statement while the EMTs were stabilizing Preston. There weren’t any witnesses, at least that I saw. But then,” she grimaced, “I wasn’t really looking. I just wanted to keep him from bleeding out until the ambulance got there.”

“I just don’t get it. Who could hate him enough to go to these lengths?”

Joining him at the table while the coffee brewed, Tabitha said, “It isn’t that man he worked for I don’t think. And, at least from what he’s told me, he doesn’t have any ex-lovers that might think they have a reason to hurt him.”

“Even if that was the case, if it was some jealous ex, they wouldn’t come back and try to kill him. There’d be no reason to at this late date.”

“Still it has to be someone he knows. This isn’t an extreme form of gay bashing.”

“I agree. It’s almost as if there was someone who…” Cary stopped, shaking his head as the thought he had turned personal. “No way.”

“Cary, what?”

“I was just thinking that this smacks of someone who’s trying to eliminate the competition.”

“And you thought of Hugh?” She reached over to take his hand. “That seems very illogical since you and Pres are nothing more than friends. Hugh would have not reason to be jealous.”

“No he wouldn’t. He knows very well that I care for him.”

Tabitha arched an eyebrow. “Care for, not love?”

“Umm, I haven’t really… This sounds stupid since I’m living with him but I’m not really sure if I love him or not.”

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