The G-ZONE welcomes Dave Lieber, author of “Bad Dad” as our guest Friday August 12th @12pm EST.

Dave Lieber ,author of “Bad Dad” will be my guest on The G-ZONE, my blogtalk radio show , Friday August 12th @ 12pm EST. The show is sponsored by Trestle Press. The link to the show is:

Here is something on the book:

““Dave Lieber’s latest book, Bad Dad, has a cogent message. It is a great gift for any parent and an entertaining read with its measures of chuckles and angst. No one disputes Dave’s love for his son, not even the nabobs of the nattering nanny state. And that is how it starts.

“A man with a big heart and a pen in a small town with “secrets” is the backdrop. In characteristic newspaper man style with one sentence paragraphs and foreshadowing teases, Dave sets out the narrative. His story is punctuated with scores of various blog posts, TV and radio show reports, and numerous press accounts so that the reader can make his or her own decision based on all the facts. He does not editorialize but exemplifies the journalistic ethic of bringing the back story into the sanitizing daylight.

“Controversy can be Dave’s companion; he even refers to his belligerent gene. However, what the reader sees are the author’s hallmarks of honesty and courage as a very personal family issue explodes needlessly into a public spectacle. Until there is a parents’ manual attached to every child, this singular work by Dave Lieber is required reading.” – Robert Menard


Our guest, Dave Lieber’s Bio:

“Dave Lieber, a newspaperman for more than 30 years, never won a Pulitzer Prize, but the first time he rode a bull in Texas,he stayed on for 10 seconds. Eight seconds where the bull just stood there, and another 1.6 seconds out in the arena before Dave fell off. Dave rounded that 9.6 seconds up to 10 seconds and felt proud. But actually, Dave was flying through the air longer than he was on that bull.

Dave falls a lot. As this book details, Dave got fired as a gingerbread boy, a singing part he played as a youngster in Hansel and Gretel at the Metropolitan Opera. He also got in a heap of trouble when he worked as a 14-year-old hosting a national TV show live on NBC. And then there’s the time he was emcee and fell off a stage into the orchestra pit at a high school talent show. That made America’s Funniest Home Videos.

But Dave doesn’t always fall.

As a longtime columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dave helps people through his investigations and stories. He’s the founder of Watchdog Nation (, which shows Americans how to fight back and win in battles against crooks, scammers and corporate thugs. His book, Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong, won two national book awards for social change.

He’s co-founder of Summer Santa Inc., one of North Texas’ largest children’s charities. An all-volunteer charity, helps thousands of at-risk and abused children each year with summer camp scholarships, free medical checkups, back-to-school clothing, school supplies, after-school activities and summertime toys.

For this, Dave won the Will Rogers Humanitarian Award, which goes each year to the newspaper columnist “whose work best exemplifies the high ideals of the beloved philosopher-humorist who used his public forum for the benefit of his fellow human beings.”

Dave is also one of Texas’ most sought-after speakers. He inspires audiences and teaches them the latest information through humor and storytelling.

Learn more about Dave, his books and his public speaking at, and Visit his Yankee Cowboy Store. too.”


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