Hello everybody! Yes, I am still alive and so are my wife and kids. A “Funny” thing happened on the way to experiencing an earthquake, a hurricane and a tornado all in the span of four days. Why is that “Funny”? Well let’s see, I can really write pages on this subject. In fact I have, and they are in the able hands of Big Daddy Abel the guy that let me jazz with him on “The Edge of Cataclysmic”. The Author’s Lab/Collaboration story just wrote itself for me. I started with the flood we had in 1996 when many of the same events seemed to be happening and now what happened from Friday night as we prepped for the storm and then the storm and aftermath.

Now the hand of God my friends, where does this come in? For us it was everywhere. From our incredible neighbors as we banded together to discuss our plans to the day itself and the fact that we not only didn’t have our home flooded (it just came within feet of our door step), but for the first time this year during a storm our street didn’t lose power, but all the other homes in our development did; there are about 400 homes in our development. Go figure. Our biggest injury, if you can call it that, is that we did not have use of our triple play: phone, cable and internet. There were many downed trees and the outage was a byproduct of it I guess. It is an ongoing problem they wish to solve for us. They are sorry for the inconvenience and hoped to have the issue resolved soon,blah,blah,blah. Basically sometime we will have it back. But in the grand scheme of things, I got to win a beer pong game, play plenty of Scrabble and Monopoly, read till my eyes blurred, and have my family around. Basically the kids wanted to come over to eat because we were the only ones with power. Once again, the Hand of God guaranteed that our family remained close through it all.

In closing, I think we cornered the market on bottled water; we have it in the convenient 2.5 gallon size, gallon jugs, and individual bottles. If you are in need of AA or D size batteries, we are the people to see. Canned goods, yeah, we have them too. Bleach, we can make everything white for just about anybody. We once again came to “The Edge of Cataclysmic” and survived. How did you and yours make out? I would love to hear from you, just send me an email, write on Facebook or Google + wall, hit me on Twitter, or just make a comment on any of the other social networks you find me. It feels good to be back, thanks for the emails.               

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