It's been a good few days!

Friday I greeted travelers coming into and leaving Reagan National Airport. The folks at the Borders there are always gracious to me and this was no exception. I can't wait to go back just before the inauguration - when lots of people will be flying into town to see the mixed-race hero fighting to bring justice to Washington DC. And after meeting Hannibal Jones, maybe they'll go see Obama.

Signings are always fun, but teaching can be too. Saturday I had an unusually good group in my class on creating characters. I was impressed by the writing exercises they did during the one-day course and look forward to seeing more from all of them.

But Sunday was the highpoint of my weekend. I don't generally talk about the writer's club I belong to, the Northern Virginia chapter of the Virginia Writers club, but I am particularly proud of the meeting we had at a lovely local venue called Busboys and Poets. Local thriller writer John Gilstrap joined us for coffee, tea and pastries. His impressive presentation wowed our little group of writers, and I'll be blogging about all he had to say.

BTW, aside from being an entertaining speaker, John is a very entertaining author.

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