Because of some schedule confusion my book signing at Borders in Largo MD wasn't as successful as it could have been, but I did sign a few books and make a few new friends and fans. Don't worry, I'll return there soon, we'll be more organized and it will be a much better time.

Much more successful was the dinner/book club meeting I attended. As a guest at the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Arts & Letters End of Year Program, I got to have a fine dinner with 18 members of the Maryland chapter of Delta Sgima Theta. These ladies had all read Russian Roulette and in an extensive discussion they asked many sharp and insightful questions about my book, my writing, and the future of the Hannibal Jones series. They were charming and welcoming, but also tough and challenging when it came to my work. So it was more than great fun, it was very rewarding too. I am very grateful to fellow author Yolonda Ody (she was Yolanda D. Coleman when she wrote "Sugar Rush") for giving me the opportunity to meet with her sisters.

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