Potomac Mills isn't just a shopping mall, it's an entire town with separate numbered neighborhoods. The Books-A-Million there had a lot of traffic Saturday, but only 10 copies of Blood and Bone for my signing. I spent an hour and a half at the store and when the books were all gone I was able to get on with my weekend.

But that was by no means all that happened last week. For one thing, my second book review was published in the International Thriller Writers newsletter. I shared the news of Thomas Perry's new book, "Runner." Among his seventeen novels is a series about Jane Whitefield who, not unlike my own Hannibal Jones, makes it her personal mission to help people who are running for their lives. "Runner" is the latest Jane Whitefield adventure.

Also this week, my Google Alert informed me that there is a Yahoo Group focused on Hannibal Jones. I couldn't resist adding a post, whereupon I learned that the Group had been started by old pal Thomas Fortenberry, an author, editor and critic who may just have been Hannibal Jones' first fan. Hannibal and I are flattered, and I can assure you that whenever I have breaking news about future Hannibal projects - like the new novel set to release in June - I will make those announcements to that group first - so join it!

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