I spent the weekend at the 15th Annual Northern Virginia Christmas Market, which was both a fun and a profitable time. Aside from signing lots of books I got to chat with dozens of mystery lovers and got exposure to hundreds of potential future readers. I even chatted with one lady who asked if my books were available on Amazon's Kindle. When I told her yes she pulled the device out and checked for them right there in front of me. How cool is that? And as a bonus, my lovely wife Denise joined me for most of the time. When she wasn't at my table, she was able to troll the 300+ vendors and get pretty much all of our Christmas shopping done.

One of the books people were buying at the Christmas market was the holiday anthology "Dying in a Winter Wonderland." All the profit from that collection of holiday crime fiction goes to the Toys for Tots foundation and the lead story is a new Hannibal Jones mystery. The news this week is that there's a very cool video trailer for the book up on YouTube!

Watch the trailer, and then order your copy!

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