Ch. 2
Doolin`s gang stopped at a wide stream to water their steeds. The horses’ lips were dipped in the cool water satisfying their thirst acquired from the train heist. From the rise in the landscape the posse anxiously waited for the Sheriff`s signal. He raised his hand and signaled his posse into action. With guns drawn the galloping posse closed the distance quickly pouncing on their adversary.
The drinking horses were the first to sense the attack. Several horses` raised their heads which alerted the gang. With guns ablaze the posse was a frightening sight descending down the hill with the sound of gunshot awakening the peaceful tranquility. The Wild Bunch spurred and the horses lunged forward in flight, causing the splash of forty four hoofs altering the flow of the stream. The opposite bank offered a respite, lined with trees the gang dug in, returning their fire with the reverberation of eleven revolvers each bellowing. The posse was decimated as four riders bit the dust. Doolin was shot in the foot, but he kept firing in unison with his gang. The posse now lighter in numbers reversed, retreated, and high tailed it, the gang had won.
They headed for Ingalls, Oklahoma a known outlaw town. There they would rest and Doolin could nurse his injured foot. Marshal Everett Dix meanwhile organized a posse of fourteen deputies which would engage the Wild Bunch in the Infamous `Battle of Ingalls`.

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