The New Detective Jackson novel is here!

Dying for Justice, the fifth book in the bestselling Detective Jackson series is now available on Kindle and other e-readers for $2.99 and in print from Amazon.


Here's the back cover text:

When Gina wakes up from a two-year coma, she realizes someone tried to kill her and make it look like suicide. Detective-in-training Lara Evans is assigned the case, but when she discovers who the main suspect is, she fears she’s in way over her head.

Meanwhile Detective Jackson learns the man in prison for murdering his parents is innocent of the crime and another officer coerced the detainee into a confession. As the two investigators work the cold files, members of their own department come under suspicion and their cases begin to overlap. Can they find the killers before the crimes of the past explode in the present?


Early readers are enthusiastic!

"Don’t miss this one—her best yet. Completely engrossing right to the very satisfying end.”—Robin Cain, author of When Dreams Bleed

Dying For Justice is one of the best books that I have ever read." —Sheila, Amazon reviewer

“With each outing, Jackson gets better and better.”—Jack Quick, reviewer for Bookbitch


Link to the e-book

Link to the print book


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