Calling all short story writers, orators and lovers of words!

The Newstead Short Story Tattoo is planned for May 2009 (15th, 16th, 17th).

We need submissions from writers who wish to read their work, or storytellers / orators who wish to be a part of some live storytelling (around a big camp fire).

This is the only event in Australia that celebrates the short story alone.

The Newstead Short Story Tattoo seeks to involve community, families and individuals in active story telling, listening and participation. The breadth of story contained within this celebration is broad and includes flash fiction, local history, the child, traditional forms and influences as well as modern modes of story telling.

Themed events have been staked out (Sleaze, Crime, Sport), but there will also be many non-themed events that will need short story writers from a wide range of areas.

I have already received some great submissions. There have been lots of enquiries. Interested? All you need to do is submit some work and bio to me at

or to

PO BOX 26,

And you will be in the mix to perform at this wonderful event.

Of particularly exciting interest to all us dedicated crime fans (AND I might add - those of us moving about 30 minutes down the road from this wonderful festival very soon!) is the themed event "Crime at the Courthouse" which will showcase crime writing in the old Newstead court house, a heritage listed building.

Needless to say, wild horses will be required to keep me away from this event!

Newstead is in central Victoria by the way, about 15 K's out of Castlemaine, also near Daylesford, Ballarat, Bendigo and Maryborough.

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