Tomorrow is the last day that The Payback Assignment is on sale for .99, and I love that Canadian readers are leaving great reviews on Amazon:

"The Payback Assignment is a fictional thriller with likeable main characters, Felicity O'Brian and Morgan Stark. Their paths cross in a very unpredictable and suspenseful way. Felicity, fondly called Red by Morgan immediately after their first encounter, is a beautiful, seasoned, jewel thief of Irish descent with a head of natural red hair to match her nickname. She hires herself out to steal the most precious gems for her many rich clients in pursuit of some desired/desirable item to add to their collection. Morgan, on the other hand, is a black mercenary soldier who hires himself out to do the most unthinkable escapades for a big price. He does not consider himself to be a hit man and only accepts capers that match his area of expertise.

Both Felicity and Morgan find themselves double-crossed by the same man. Adrian Seagrave, appears to be a legitimate, successful, import/export business man. His wife Marlene, ten years his junior, seems to be totally naive about his ruthlessness or has little information about the extent of his lack of scruples in his illegal business dealings. She has expressed a desire to own the gem that Felicity has been hired to steal while Morgan has been hired to create political unrest in Belize by the same man, her husband.

Felicity and Morgan manage to hook up to right the wrong that they feel has been committed against them by Adrian Seagrave. They soon discover that they each possess a "sixth sense" that creates an almost mystical connection between the two of them. They then decide to double their efforts and combine their rare skills in order to get back what they feel is rightfully theirs...the money for the capers and to retrieve the priceless, one-of-a kind gem, that was taken from Felicity after she expertly stole it. Yes indeed...this dynamic duo are on a mission. It's definitely payback time and Author Austin Camacho spins a graphic and suspenseful yarn to go with their persistent efforts to pursue their idea of justice. There's a neat twist at the end of the novel to add to the pleasure of the reading audience. What's up next for this unlikely pair as they continue to do what they do best? Only time will tell's definitely something to look forward to!

- Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer Dolores Ayotte

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