The Power of The Written Word & Brownie Nut Fudge Ice Cream.

This is some serious stuff. I have read many times in many places the power of the written word: The pen is mightier than the sword kind of thing but never paid it much mind till yesterday. I admit it, I took a mental health day yesterday; we went to the shore had some fun in the sand and the surf. I didn’t even play bocce; I was too busy with some of my kids and grandkids. Sunburn is not my friend right now. What happened after I got fried is the neat part.

We went for ice cream, to the one place we have been going for over thirty years, the place that took brownie nut fudge ice cream and my joy away from me. If you remember a few months back, I mentioned that after about 29 years, my favorite ice cream parlor at the Jersey Shore removed my favorite flavor, brownie nut fudge ice cream from their expansive menu.  I am ever the optimist so we went back. No other family member had his/her favorite flavor stolen from them so I figured what the hey, maybe. I wait in line, wait in line, wait in line, brownie nut fudge is still on the big board with about 45 other flavors they have; maybe there is hope. Finally it is our turn; I wait for the rest of the family to order and then I step up to the plate. It is my turn; I hesitate and then I just go for it, “Can I have a waffle cone with brownie nut fudge and maple walnut please?”

The young man looks at me, “Sure.”

My jaw drops , he goes over to a bin ,I follow like a little puppy and ,BAM!! Brownie nut fudge ice cream is going into my waffle cone; I have goosebumps, actual goosebumps. I’m stunned speechless, I have no idea what to say, but I stammer: “Is that really brownie nut fudge?”

“Yes, we discontinued it for about 2 and half to three months but people just kept asking for it, and then something else happened. The guy that owns the place, he started to read these ebooks by Big Daddy Abel, I think that’s his name. He is some kind of singer for a band, well he did this story called “The Fledge of Catacylism’ or something with some goober named Giovanni Gelati, and the guy was going on about how much he was devastated by the loss of the flavor and that was it, he said no more, I am making it again.”

Now the kid ticked me off but made me happy, so I measured my words or at least I thought I did, “I young man, am the geek, Giovanni Gelati, the story is called “Edge of Cataclysmic”, and yes, I was royally pissed that you guys took that flavor away from me as I have enjoyed it for almost 30 years, more time  than you have trod this earth. Do I look like a geek?”

Understand I am a bit larger than my new friend, he nods “no”. The correct answer.

“Tell the owner I am a happy man today; all is now right with the world, balance has been restored.”

I got an extra scoop at no charge for his “Geek” remark. If you noticed yesterday at about 4pm EST the world seemed to shift on it’s axis and all seemed right, that your karma and your life force noticed a positive thing happening, there you go, you have the explanation, the power of the digital short, don’t underestimate it. I came back to the Family SUV arms and cone raised in triumph as my favorite flavor has been revived, it never tasted so good.


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