The Trojan Project.

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A strange light appears in the night sky above the Cheviots.
A mist descends, shrouding the hills and valleys.
Is it a natural phenomenon or something more sinister?

In a remote farmhouse, Sarah worries about Pete, her missing husband.
When she and her two young children go in search of him, she makes a terrifying discovery.

She reports the incident to Andy, a disbelieving, young policeman. However, he is forced to think again when the military suddenly appear at the police station asking for Sarah by name.
How do they know she’s there?
Why do they want her so desperately?

Only Andy’s cunning allows them time to escape.
So begins a nightmare journey to her parent’s home in London.
But as the net grows even wider, how long will they stay out of the clutches of the Military?

Meanwhile, what of Pete…?

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