One Of The Best Books I Have Ever Reviewed

The Trojan Project
By Eileen Thornton

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Stand where you are and listen to the stillness. Do you hear anything? Do you hear the rustling of the trees, the cattle or sheep moving? Do you see anyone out there while looking down from the top of the mountain? Now, look up into the sky and out into the distance. Do you see that green light? Don’t get too close and find shelter before it is too late? The light appears in the night sky above the Cheviots. A mist begins to fall and covers the hills, valleys and more, what caused this light to appear and who or what is behind it?

What if the government in a lab unknown to the world created a chemical weapon that could wipe out millions of people in one shot? What would happen if the safeguards that were in place to prevent the container that housed this chemical imploded because someone wanted it to? What if someone disconnected the safeguards and incriminated its creator? What if this happened and those in charge decided to eliminate those who might have witnessed what happened that fateful night when a green light and mist appeared overhead and destroyed the fields, killed many animals and literally ate away the flesh and being of those who came in contact with it? What would you have? THE TROJAN PROJECT!

The Beginning: Witnesses

Sally is concerned that her husband Pete has not returned home after tending to the sheep. Sally is supposed to spend an evening with her friends but when one of children becomes ill she changes her plans and stays home. Trying to contact Pete is impossible and knowing that he would never be late or shirk his responsibilities as a father or husband Sally becomes frantic and realizes that something is wrong. Added to that she contacts many of her friends and neighbors to learn that some of the other husbands are missing too. The next morning she tried to contact her neighbors and all she got on her phone was static and her calls went unanswered.

Sensing that something is seriously wrong and having seen the green light and the mist that covered the valley, Sarah sets out with her children to find answers and to search for Pete. But, what she finds is so horrific that only a master writer like Eileen Thornton can create the suspense and intrigue that causes the reader not to be able to put down this thought provoking and bone chilling book. As she travels down the road she finds her husband’s friend Dave who has been hit by this green light and mist and is about to die but not before telling her what he thinks is the fate of her husband, Pete. Dave also warns her not to get too close to him or touch him or what the author describes will happen to her. Necrotizing fasciitis is a flesh eating disease that will destroy your body and eat away your flesh. Imagine Sarah’s reaction when she encounters Dave and she sees what could be this bacterial virus or something with the same result eating away at her friend’s body.

Who or what is behind this she needs to know? But, finding out will not only prove dangerous but is Dave the only one who died from this or are there others? Is Pete really gone or does fate play a hand in what does happen to him and others?
Knowing that she needed help and someone to find out the answers with her she entered the police station only to find Constable Andy Simmonds who seems skeptical and finds her account of what happened not quite believable. But when his superior shows up and listens to her account of what happened and who was a victim of this flesh eating entity, he immediately goes into the valley in search of answers and to see if her story is credible. Added to that her daughter Josie shows them a picture of the green light and the mist in a drawing she saw from his window the night before. What the police see and realize will frighten anyone. It would make you weary of any bright light in the sky and afraid of going in search of answers if this could be the end result. But, the worst has yet to come.

Eileen Thornton’s descriptions of what happens to these victims are not only graphic but create a mental picture in the mind of the reader. Through Sally the reader can feel the fear, the intense feeling of agitation and anxiety caused when you know that there is imminent danger. Chills will go right down your spine and you might even want to read this with someone else.

What happens next?

When Sally, Andy and her children start searching for the truth you will not believe what they encounter. Is the military really going to destroy everyone that knows what happened and why? Who in the government engineered this explosion and why? The truth will make you pause and think twice about your friends and more. Two brave people making their way to London hoping Sally’s father can help make sense of this nightmare. But, what he tells them will forever cast doubts in her mind about her father’s involvement in the horrific event and whether he was truly responsible for what happened or was he being framed? A project so dangerous that he placed safeguards on it and made sure that no one could change or unlock them. A project so volatile that he took every precaution to make sure that it would not be tested until he was sure it was safe. But, someone wanted more and revenge is not pretty and this causer of death and destruction would not stop he had the one person he wanted under his power. Who this is and who is responsible? You will have to read for yourself.
What part does her father, Sir Charles play in this matter and what really did happen to her husband and his friend Josh? Not until you turn the page of this fast paced, frightening and true to life novel will you find out the answers.

Final Curtain

This is a novel of love, passion, hate, revenge and loyalty. It is about a woman who wanted answers and would risk it all to get them. When everything is said and done you will not believe what happens and the real reason behind what happened. A simple explosion- a chemical weapon meant to destroy and target one area and one group of people- but the best-laid murders are not always what you would hope them to be. How far would you go to save the life of those you love? The final curtain is more like a final revelation where all is finally out in the open and everything is revealed. Who solves what really happened and who survives? What happens will make you stop and think about whether this could and is really happening as we read and speak? First time novelist Eileen Thornton I give this book Five Safe Trojan Projects and Five Sir Charles Hammonds to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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