This week, I'm sitting at my computer, ready to type in my weekly post, when suddenly this woman from Canada, named Jennifer Wylie, bursts into my apartment. Now, normally, I wouldn't mind, but with barely a "How Ya doin'?" she hip checks me away from my computer, and takes my chair. Before I can recover, she's hijacked my blog. She spends a few minutes typing away like mad, then she's out the door in a flash. The bad news is, she left the Canadian cold weather in her wake and we had been enjoying sixties here in Iowa for a week or so. The good news is after reading her posting, instead of geting upset, I want to thank her for showing up and letting us know what she's been up to. Come back anytime, Jen, but knock next time, or I'll sic the Mounties on you...

I need a clone. Seriously. The last few months have gone by so quickly I feel as though I simply stepped through a time machine to now. Well, almost...I'm rather tired, and a bit frazzled. My eyes are sore and my fingers cramped. Since I received my first contracts from Echelon Press in September I've been going nonstop. If I'm not editing then I'm writing or marketing. Mostly I edit.

Even though I'd love to take a break and relax I've too many things on my plate to do so. Luckily, I enjoy being so busy, what I'm doing. Occasionally I get a bit overwhelmed, but I have a wonderful support group of family and friends and colleges who keep me from falling over the deep end.

For those of you reading I haven't met before, my debut publication came out in December. Jump is a humorous urban fantasy short story which has done very well, hitting OmniLit's Top 10 Best seller list the day of release, reaching and stay at #1 for over a month. (Currently at #3). This month I was very excited to get the contract for its sequel! (No release date yet though)

In late February my longer short story in my Immortal Echoes world was released. The Forgotten Echo has also been doing very well, currently #2 on OmniLit’s Top Seller list, and the sites Top Rated list. I've just received a contract for another short story in this world, The Untouchable Echo.

Did I mention I've been busy? In February I was also contracted for a short story series- 6 stories total, one to be released the first of each month. That's a lot of writing and editing just in case you were wondering. My Tales of Ever series is part of a new short story program being put out by Echelon Press. Electric Shorts is a pilot program for reluctant readers. Each series contains six short stories presented once per month as electronic downloads (eBooks), much the same as a television series. Tales of Ever is a fantasy series written for young adults (13-17 year olds). My first instalment was released March 1st. I love this world and am very pleased to see Banished doing well too. The second in the series, Fire Girl, will be out April 1st. I'm currently working on edits for it as I write the third story.

If you aren't a lover of short stories, ~gasp~, you'll be happy to know my novel Sweet Light is due out in May. I'm also working with an editor for it. (Did I mention I've been doing a lot of edits lately?)

So you see I've been rather busy, but still trying to keep in touch with everyone. The kiddies are keeping me on my toes, and I'm hoping for more time to show up at some point so I can work on some books I started a while ago. I'm not sure when that will happen...but I'll cross my fingers!

For information on all of my work, and for updates on what’s coming soon, contracted or in progress check out my website:
Do stop by my blog too! Lots of fun stuff there :)

Tales of Ever
Series Blurb:
Welcome to Ever.

Ever, a deadly realm where feared, powerful and dangerous magical beings are banished. Though very large, it is not a world but a magically created prison. You can’t break through its circular boundary. Who, or what, made Ever? I’ve no idea. They were powerful, and cruel. That is all I can tell you.

Ever is like and unlike every other world. Nothing is safe. Safety is a dream. Ever is a nightmare. Few survive their first day. Nothing is what it seems. If something appears safe, it isn’t. If something appears dangerous, well it is, but probably more so than you think.

Ever has no sun, no moon, no stars at night. Time is told by the ever changing color of the sky where portals open, dropping new inhabitants, or new terrors. Time does pass. Don’t worry, you won’t get old. You won’t live that long.

The landscape changes without reason form dessert to jungles. The flora isn’t safe at any time. There is food, if you can find it without getting eaten yourself. Most plants and animals are poisonous. So is the water.

Are you afraid? You should be. This is the end. It gets worse of course. Remember the portals? Do think angels come through? Rarely the innocent do. Mostly, it is people of evil, people too powerful to kill. Their magic works here. The creature’s are worse.

Do you understand? Well you will eventually, or you’ll die. There is no escaping Ever. Ever.

#1 Banished:
My life was normal. It sucked, but it was normal. At least until I got this new power. I can control fire. It would be cool if it wasn’t so dangerous and if I knew how to use it. Pretty much my sucky life took a nose dive once I got it. Yup, everything gone. I suppose I should be thankful some uncle I never heard of took me in. Turns out the whole family isn’t normal and my power is a lot more dangerous than I thought. I thought things couldn’t get any worse. I was wrong. They banished me to Ever.

If I’m lucky, I might survive my first day.

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Jennifer Wylie was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold.

Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales.

Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories. Sweet light is her debut novel to be published in 2011.

Jennifer resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband, two boys, Australian shepherd a flock of birds and a disagreeable amount of wildlife.

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