One thing that works for me is to set up a timeline for the novel I am writing. I do this so that I don't lose track of how many days are passing by and that everything falls in line as it should.

For example, let's say you need something to happen on a specific day, if you have a timeline set up it will help keep things on track and ensure it falls in line as it should.

In my timeline, I include the day, day of the week and chapters and then I write a short description of what happens within those chapters. It amazes me how many times I refer back to my timeline as I write, and it has been a lifesaver for me when I am trying to tie something in to an earlier time in my book. Instead of looking over chapter after chapter, all I need is to look at the timeline, and it's right there.

Here's an example:


Quinn goes to the grocery store.

As he is leaving, he hears to men fighting in the alley.

Quinn gets in his car, hears a gunshot go off.

He goes to the alley to check things out.

Quinn finds a woman lying in the alley, calls 911.


I refer to my timeline all the time, and the best thing is that it helps me as I get further along in the book so that I don't make careless errors that my readers will catch.

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